Bird Songs

Since ancient times, music has been inspired by the fascinating sounds of nature. As a fun way to enjoy Thumpy, we play Bird Sounds: we imitate the sounds of different birds on the Thumpy flute with the Bird Sound Player below. There are 16 different birds there with their sounds. For each bird, you will see the name, a picture and some symbols:

...= one or more Thumpy note-heads and playing instructions
- = the sequence number of the bird
- = button to move on to the next or previous bird
= button to play the bird sound (in green)
= button to play the imitation sound on Thumpy (in green)

Bird Song Player

Now you are going to imitate the bird sound yourself on your Thumpy. Listen carefully to the sound and expression of each bird sound and play your own imitation. Use the instructions, as they appear with each bird sound. The Thumpy 'fingering' is indicated by a special music note, which is explained below.

The Thumpy Note-Head

The special Thumpy note head is divided into two halves. The left half represents the left end of the flute and the right half of the note represents the right end. If one half is white, the corresponding end is open. If a half is black, the end should be closed with the thumb. If a note half is slightly black, the relevant hole is partially closed. Have a look at the examples below:

notehead-OO = open-open

notehead-OX = open-closed

notehead-XX = closed-closed

notehead-XO = closed-open

notehead-XP = closed-partly closed

notehead-PP = partly closed on both sides