Bird Songs

Since ancient times music has been related with the natural sounds of our living environment. From there we have developed our music as a form of arts. Now, with these Bird Songs we intend to return to the origin of interacting with our sound environment and to the fascinating world of sounds of nature. Below you see all the birds we will imitate here. Click a picture to hear its sound. Further down, you will find exact instruction how to play each bird.

Let's imitate these bird songs

Eurasian Hoopoe

Little Owl

Long-Ear Owl


Southern Boobook

Tawny Frogmouth

Short-Eared Owl

Collared Dove

Pied Currawong

Barn Owl

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Tengmalms Owl

Green Woodpecker

Common Koel


Grey Butcherbird

One by One

Here below you can find 16 bird songs, each with instructions on how to imitate these sounds on the Thumpy flute. You can hear the sound of each bird (click the audio icon) but also the same sound on the Thumpy flute (click the audio icon). Now try imitating these birds yourself by following the specified instructions. The fingering is indicated by a note-head, which is explained further below.

The Thumpy Note-Head

The note-head is divided into two parts. The left part reflects the left ending of the flute and the right part the right ending. When a part is black the respective ending should be closed; when the part is white it is uncovered; when a little black it should be partly closed.

notehead-OO = open-open

notehead-OX = open-closed

notehead-XX = closed-closed

notehead-XO = closed-open

notehead-XP = closed-partly closed

notehead-PP = partly closed on both sides